Tuesday, 5 May 2015

The one where it's bank holiday weekend.

castle park @ ups and downs, smiles and frowns.

This bank holiday weekend just gone, we decided to make the most of the weather while it's nice. The weather has been quite unpredictable lately, so we though we'd make the most of it!
We decided to take a bus trip to castle park. It's a huge park that has many fields, tree's and a huge play area for the kids. There were also a few bouncy castle's there, too! A few family members tagged a long which was lovely.

castle park @ ups and downs, smiles and frowns.

The boys of course enjoyed a good ol'e game of football and even Ellie joined in! They like nothing more than playing footy, they are football crazy, bless 'em. And Ellie having two big brothers, she's a huge football fan, too.

castle park @ ups and downs, smiles and frowns.

My brother took a long a picnic which we all enjoyed. It was very sweet of my brother and his girlfriend. We sat on the bench eating sandwiches and cakes followed by an ice cream (or in Charlie's case, an ice lolly). Just in time to cool them down from all the running around! We also got to feed the squirrels which are so very tame, one was even eating out of Charlie's hand. Ellie was all "Why can't we keep it as a pet.. It can even sleep in my room" Haha. I explained to her we can't keep squirrels as pets as they're wild animals, I think she finally understood lol.

Feeding a squirrel @ ups and downs, smiles and frowns

The little's also played on the play area, Ellie enjoyed the sandy play area best, playing in the sand was great fun! Charlie of course preferred the climbing frame while Harry stayed on the field playing football and tag with my brother/Harry's uncle, which he thought was fab.

Playing in the sand @ ups and downs smiles and frowns

castle park @ ups and downs, smiles and frowns.

We finished our day by having a treat - Mcdonalds, which we don't do very often, the kids enjoyed it a lot, they even got a balloon each! On the bus journey home, we were all tired and found it hard to stay awake.

castle park @ ups and downs, smiles and frowns.

We had a wonderful day and can't wait to go again!
How did you spend your weekend?

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Sarah xXx

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Friday, 1 May 2015

Cathy Glass - Saving Danny {Book Review}

The fifteenth fostering memoir by Cathy Glass.
Danny was petrified and clung to me in desperation as I carried him to my car. Trapped in his own dark world, he couldn't understand why his parents no longer loved or wanted him, and were sending him away.

While Danny’s parents have everything they could wish for in material terms, they are unable to care for their only child. This is where Cathy comes in. On a cold dark evening Danny finds a place in her home where he can be himself; away from his parents’ impatience and frustration. Often in his own little world, six-year-old Danny finds it difficult to communicate, finding solace in his best friend and confidant George – his rabbit.
Cathy quickly becomes aware of his obsessively meticulous behaviour in addition to his love of patterns, he sees them everywhere and creates them at any opportunity – in his play and also with his food. She realises that patience is the key to looking after Danny as well as her well-tried strategies for managing children’s behaviour.
With his father refusing to cooperate, it becomes increasingly likely that Danny will be living with Cathy permanently until she gets an opportunity to speak her piece.


I've read every single one of Cathy Glass books, I really like her books a lot. Some of her stories are really sad but they generally all have lovely endings. I admire Cathy, she is so inspirational and such a good foster carer, I wish there were more people like her in the world. The world could certainly do with more people like her indeed.


This book was a really good read, I read it within a few hours (I actually had time!) and I could not put it down! I suppose it took me a day or so to read on and off. Little Danny has learning problems and is suspected to be autistic. His parents put him into care voluntary because they couldn't cope. He ends up living with Cathy and her family for a while, who help him. I don't want to go into too much detail because I know a lot of my readers that are reading this, haven't yet read this book. This book has a lovely ending, the best ending in fact and I must admit I may have had a tear in my eye towards the end (a -what I call- good tear).
I give this book five stars and I can not wait for Cathy's next book!

Sarah xXx

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Some reasons to be thankful!

I'm sitting here in the corner of my kitchen, in the most awkward position trying to write this blog post (and do a few other things online). My mobile internet (dongle) has been playing up the past few days and not wanting to pick up a signal anywhere in the house. Finally, after half an hour of repositioning my laptop in different places and a lot of patience, I've picked up an internet signal! Lets hope it stays on long enough to publish this blog post!

Here are my reasons to be thankful this week.

I'm thankful that we have finally moved house. To the area I've been wanting to live in for the last ten years. A whole decade. It hasn't been easy and it's been hard to find affordable housing. Not only have I been moved into affordable housing but it's also a brand new house. Brand spanking new. I love it, there are no words that can possibly describe how thankful I am. The kids also love it, a lot! We're much happier and beginning to settle into our routine, although it is taking time but we're all getting use to it and it's awesome!

I am also grateful for the fact that the kids have settled into there new school lovely. They're really enjoying it and have already made friends with most of the students at the school (It's only a small school). They've all earned certificates and had lots of praise and what not, too! I am SO proud of them.

I'm really enjoying the peace and quiet living here. Our neighbours are so lovely. And they're quiet too! Our house backs onto a huge field which is beautiful and so peaceful! We're all really enjoying living here. I can't wait to start decorating and laying flooring etc. Can't decorate for a while though because the house is still drying out and cracks may appear as yet. In the mean time, I am trying to replace furniture and what not :) I haven't been this happy for such a long time. Ahhh, the relief!

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

The one where a cat adopts us.

Before we moved house (almost a month ago!) we had a cat that kept coming to our house and just would not leave. I even tried to encourage her to go home, I even TOOK her back home but no, she wasn't having any of it. She just kept coming back. She'd sneak inside the house when I wasn't paying attention and hide and then suddenly appear from nowhere at midnight. For some crazy reason she decided she wanted us to be her humans, goodness knows why, our house is rather chaotic, haha. She just took to us straight away. I really had no say in the matter. This went on for about six months - with her coming and going like she lived with us, sleeping at ours and eating all our cats food. Well, before we moved I was obviously quite worried about leaving her behind and by this point we'd all really taken to the cat.
Anyway, I knew the right thing to do was to speak to the cats owners. So that's what I did. I had a polite chat with the cats owner (who was very nice!) and explained I was moving and that her cat seemed to have adopted us and just wouldn't leave, I was concerned the cat would become a stray - something I just couldn't bear even thinking about. The lady told me that she had tried to encourage the cat to come back to her, but the cat was having none of it. She also said that she thought the cat had adopted someone else. She told me we could keep the cat and take her with us if I was willing to do that, she was fine with it as long as the kitty had a good home. I had to say yes, I couldn't bear to leave the kitty behind! So that' exactly what we did.

She's spoiled rotten and she fits in so perfectly with us. She always has, right from day one. It's rather bizarre to be honest. We love her so, so much. Her name is Sylvie, she's around two years old, she's such a loving cat and so affectionate! Sylvie loves the kids, especially Ellie. She's also been sterilized just like Lotti has. I still have no idea why she chose us but they do say - Cats choose there owners, you don't choose them, that is SO true.

Our cat 'Lotti' has never got on with other cats. She did get on with our kitten, Lenni after a few months, sadly he passed away in January 2014. Anyway Lotti did start to tolerate Sulvie. After six + months though, she has come to terms with the fact Sylvie lives with us and they've recently (within the last few days) started playing together. I don't think they could actually be without each other now. Sylvie just fits in so purrrrfectly with us and we couldn't possibly bear to be without her she is definitely a huge part of our family, as is our other cat, Lotti.

This is our other cat, Lotti.
Do you have ay pets? Let me know in the comments, I'd love to hear some pet/animal tales and stories :)

Sarah xXx

P.s you can read the story about our cat Lotti HERE.

 href = "http://eco-gites.blogspot.fr/p/the-animals-tale.html"