Thursday, 28 August 2014

My reasons to be cheerful this week. #R2BC

1) We had a lovely day yesterday. I took the kids crabbing and they had an amazing time. It was such a beautiful day - best make the most of the weather now because the weather will be changing very soon.


2) The little's go back to school next week and yes, I will miss them greatly but it will be really good to get back into normal routine. I have brought there uniforms and what not. I do still need to buy Ellie's shoes though, hopefully they'll have her size in stock either the weekend or early next week!

3) I have had an eye hemorrhage which has finally better! My eye is no longer bloodshot. FINALLY! I do still have a chest infection, hopefully the antibiotics will help :)

4) We had a fabulous time at the airshow last week. The red arrows were brilliant! Seriously, super cool. Those pilots are so brave. Not sure I could do what they do, lol. 

Sarah xXx

Catching crabs!

River stour

Yesterday, we decided to make the most of the nice weather. The last week or so, it's been rather dull and wet. Yesterday however was very sunny and warm.
The kids have been wanting to go crabbing for a couple of weeks now, so we decided yesterday, that we would indeed go crabbing!

Crabbing @ Ups and downs, smiles and frowns
crabbing along the river.
We sat along the wall by the side of the river and sand and dipped out crabbing lines into the water. Charlie thought it was quite funny that crabs like bacon of all things! He was quite fascinated by that fact!

crabbing @ ups and downs, smiles and frowns.
Fun on the sand and crabbing!
We spent a good hour or so crabbing for crabs. We caught around six or seven large crabs. And then we spent some time on the sand, building sand castles & paddling in the water. We also met up with my grandparents and spent a little time with them on the sand, too! It was a fab day.

Ups and downs, smiles and frowns
The horse was very friendly, he came over to say hi!

After we'd finished crabbing we went for a little walk! We saw horses and ducks, geese and chickens. It was a lovely day out (cheap too!).

Sarah xXx

Monday, 25 August 2014

Weekly meal plan #MealPlanningMonday

Monday - Pizza (we didn't have it the other day)

Tuesday - Hot dogs in buns & fries.

Wednesday - Chicken pasta with salad and french loaf.

Thursday - Chicken Tikka with naan bread and pilau rice.

Friday - Sausage, mash, peas, broccoli with gravy.

Saturday - Home made chicken kebabs with salad.

Sunday - Shepherds pie with carrots, peas, parsnips and Yorkshire pudding.

Sarah xXx

Friday, 22 August 2014

Petshopbowl bank holiday offers weekend!!

This weekend is bank holiday weekend and from Saturday 23rd August until Monday 25th August, petshopbowl have some amazing bank holiday offers on there website. Including Almo nature cat & dog food & many, many other products! 

Petshopbowl sell a very good selection of pet supplies from cat food, dog food and even products for reptiles and small pets!

We recently reviewed some products for our cat from petshopbowl which she really enjoyed :)

Have a fab bank holiday weekend.

Sarah xXx

P.S I also have a giveaway running until 5th September to win some Almo Nature cat food from petshopbowl.

Disclosure: I received a £15 voucher for my cat, from for writing the post.