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Monday, 27 July 2015

Monsters University Party Bags & Supplies {Review}

It's no big secret that we love birthday parties (who doesn't?!) and anything Disney, too! So when I was asked if I'd like to review children's party bags and supplies, I jumped at the chance. I chose the Monster University party bags and supplies because all three of my children adore Monsters University, especially Ellie. She is currently -anything- monsters university crazy at the moment.

We were sent the Monsters University Party Pack For 8 including tableware and 8 filled party bags pack, which I couldn't wait to open and have a look!

In our box, we received:
  • 8 filled party bags,
  • 8 paper plates
  • 8 paper cups
  • A plastic table cloth
  • A pack of 20 napkins.

All of course, Monster University themed. I am ever so impressed! Especially with the party bags because they are already filled with a packet of mini Haribo sweets, a monster glider, a punch balloon and a monster jump! Not only does this save time filling the bags but I also think it saves money in the long run and is very good value indeed. I know that my children will LOVE these bags as will, I dare say, any other children that come along to Ellie's birthday party! Ellie told me "I really, really love these, they are so cool and very colourful, I especially love the monster jump! He's kind of cute" Awww, she's excited to share these out with her friends and other family members, bless.

The plates and cups are also monster University themed, they're very colourful and vibrant and certainly appeal to children (and adults, too! You can never be too old to appreciate character inspired party ware.) They are made from thick card/paper and are 23cm in size.The napkins are a lovely finishing touch, in my opinion.

The table cloth is also bright and colourful and perfect for a children's party! It will catch all the mess/crumbs and looks awesome!

Overall these party products are very good value for money and good quality, too! They are very appealing to children and would add a lovely finish to any children's party. I would totally recommend these to anyone who is hosting a children's party, looking for affordable and good quality supplies!

Party Bags And Supplies sell a wide range of children's party ware which is all very reasonably priced. In many different character themes, Frozen, Disney cars, minions, camouflage, owls and little Charlie bear, just name a few. From balloons to party bags, filled party bags to table cloths and pinatas! They have SO much choice in many different themes, which is amazing! I will very surprised if you don't find what you are looking for. Please do over to the website and have browse.

You can also follow Party Bags and Supplies on Twitter.

What's your childs favourite character?

Sarah xXx

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We were sent these products for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own. I was not paid for this post.

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Look in my letter box.

So this week, I've had a few goodies come in the mail. Some of this stuff I have been waiting for, for a couple of weeks or so. It finally arrived. Yay!

First of all I ordered some stickers from ebay, I've been waiting for these to arrive for a little while. I bought some stickers for my snail mail and also for Ellie, too! She's been writing to her best friend, from her old school so I thought some stickers would jazz up her letters a bit. I may or may not have a slight sticker addiction... Oops. Ellie and I both love My Little Pony and I really adore anything Kawaii! These stickers came to under £3 for the lot! From different sellers I do believe and free postage. ♥

Kawaii and my little pony stickers @ ups and downs, smiles and frowns

One of my free samples also arrived, I think on Thursday? The Aveeno mosturising lotion sample, which I am yet to try. I might try it tonight actually. Have any of you guys tried it before? I am in desperate need of finding a new mosturising lotion, especially in the summer when my skin is drier than ever!

Aveeno sample @ ups and downs, smiles and frowns

I also received Harry's scientific calculator, ready for when he goes up to high school. Also been waiting a while for this to arrive. It cost under £4 and was worth the wait as it saved me a fair bit of money. I do love a good ebay bargain! Free postage, too!

Scientific calculator @ ups and downs, smiles and frowns

I also got a new phone case for I think £1.99? May have even been cheaper. I have a phone case addiction! Some of my other phone cases have broken now though. I love this pale blue one, it sparkles! You can't really see in the picture though.I need to keep my phone in case at all times because I am clumsy - I've learned the hard way lol. It's very cute and a really lovely bargain, hehe. Also free postage and a screen protector, plus cloth!

Sparkle iPhone case in pale blue @ ups and downs, smiles and frowns
I feel like I've had a lot this week, haha. Although, like I said some takes forever to come and not all weeks I'll have anything at all! I'm still waiting on a couple more things to arrive in the post, too! Kids uniform and school supplies. I think because I live in the countryside things seem to take longer to actually get here, does anyone else have this problem? Although I don't really mind. I don't really order things that I'm in urgent need of.

What was on your letter box this week?

Sarah xXx

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Friday, 24 July 2015

The one where we feed the greedy geese.

This last week has been a bit chaotic. With the kids breaking up from school, end of term (leavers) assembly, as Harry is leaving primary school and moving on up to high school. There has of course been end of term  picnics and school plays, there has needed to be three of me but we got through it and it was really quite fun. We really enjoyed the picnic at the school, on the last day of term. The boys school play was absolutely amazing. Now that school has broken up for summer, we can really enjoy our summer holidays.

We started our summer holidays by walking along the river bank and feeding the swans and geese. Feeding the swans, geese and ducks is one of our favourite things to do!

 Ellie was a little afraid of them as the geese were after the bag she was holding in her hand! They were hissing at her. To be fair, they are quite scary (especially when they're as big as you are... They are as tall as Ellie!) but I explained that they wouldn't harm her and they were just hungry, greedy geese, haha. Ellie wasn't overly convinced but she did enjoy feeding them "They're not so hungry now" she said to me. The things with geese is though, they just seem to eat and eat. And eat. And eat! Haha. They are such beautiful, pretty birds though.

Charlie however, has no fear and couldn't wait to get up and close, lol! "They're okay, they won't harm us, they just want the food" he told us all". Harry wasn't convinced, he stayed well clear and instead of coming down onto the riverbank sandy beach part, he stayed up on the bank itself. Bless him.

We finished our little trip out feeding the ducks with an ice-cream and a cold drink! We sat and admired the view. I am so glad my children enjoy the scenery as much as I do! I think they find it relaxing, too.

How have you been enjoying the summer so far?
Sarah xXx#


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 Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall 
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Thursday, 23 July 2015

Schools out for summer. #LoudNProud

Yesterday my little's broke up from school for the six weeks holidays.
The last few days of term is always great fun but tiring.
Last week it was Ellie's end of term assembly, which was fantastic. Ellie had a couple of lines to say about South America, I am so proud that she remembered her lines and she stood up very proudly at the end of her assembly. I really enjoyed it very much. I wish I could have got a photo of her but I didn't manage to snap without other kids being in the photo and for obvious reasons I am not allowed to share photos of other peoples children on the internet, which is fair enough!

The beginning of this week was Harry and Charlie's school play. They did two performances, one in the afternoon and one in the evening. I went to the evening performance as it was more convenient. They performed a modern, funny version of Shakespeare's 'A Midnight Summers Dream'. Harry was Lysander and Charlie as Egeus. They both had a lot of lines to remember and act out and I was sitting there, in the audience welling up with tears in my eyes. They did fantastic! The best school play I have seen to date. The whole play was amazing. The music, the instruments, the acting... just everything! I am SO proud of them both. It's the last school play Harry will ever take part in at primary school because he starts high school in September.

Yesterday was the last day of term! It was a busy day all around. Harry had his leavers assembly, he was presented with three gifts (as were the other year six children), a Bible, a Dictionary and a memory folder/book. Three very lovely gifts. I managed not to cry when he was presented with his gifts, how I managed not to, I'll never know. It's so bittersweet, Harry is my eldest, my first born and now he's leaving primary school. I am so sad but at the same time I am so proud and excited for him to start high school. He's very, very excited and is certainly ready for it but my baby is growing up. Fast. It's like I blink and he's grown and inch and learned an encyclopedia (slight exaggeration) worth of knowledge, haha. It's craziness but in a good way.

Ellie and Charlie were also presented with there sports day bookmark stickers. I am very proud of them, they did amazingly on sports day (as did Harry) but seeing Ellie and Charlie get up and shake hands with the head teachers and thanking them for there awards, was a very proud moment. (And I may be feeling a bit emotional typing this post by the way).

We stayed at the school for a family picnic in the afternoon, we had cakes and crisps, rolls and orange juice. It was a super fun afternoon where the kids enjoyed many activities and played football with all the teachers. Just about everyone signed the year 6's shirts, a nice little keepsake and lots of good luck wishes, awww. It was fab. We left about 2pm! School is finally out for summer!
 My little's aren't so little any more, they start back at school in September. Harry will be in year 7, Charlie in year 6 (Charlie's last year of primary school. Like. WHAT?!)  and Ellie in year 3.

I can not put into words how proud I am of all three of my children. I am truly blessed.
All these proud moments will stay with me for the rest of my life. *wipes tear*

Now to make the most of our summer holidays! Yaaay! 

Sarah xXx

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