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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

The one with the Christmas tops.

The primary school that my two youngest attend have a few Christmas activities coming up, disco, parties, Christmas dinner, Xmas jumper day etc and will be able to wear there festive outfits. Ellie doesn't wear dresses very often, so I am pleased she doesn't mind this tartan one.
The tartan dress Ellie is wearing is from Asda (last year, I believe they have similar this year) and the Christmas jumper is also from Asda (this year's collection). The antlers are from Asda too.

"HO HO HO!!"
 "I'm tired now, can I sit down" Haha.

And her cute hair bobbles. I can't remember where I got from them, I think perhaps home bargains? B&M?

I feel I could have done a lot better with these pics but there's no natural light by the time we get back from school, it's almost dark! Maybe Ellie will let me take more photos at the weekend!

I'm really proud of Ellie for letting me take these photos! She doesn't always let me take pics.
I also managed to snap a couple of Charlie, he really doesn't like posing for photos and was a bit tired but I got a couple, which is better than none. Charlie's Christmas T.shirt is from Asda and the ball on the end of Santa's hat flashes when you press it. Charlie thinks it's great! When I was in Asda, they didn't have any jumpers in Charlie's size so I'll have another look next week :)

Harry, being a (almost) teenager is deciding on whether or not he'll even wear a Christmas jumper! I have got him a Christmas top. He was too busy making an excuse not to have photos taken, haha. "doing homework". I'll get some pics of him another day :D

We are SO excited for Christmas. We can not wait to put our Christmas tree up and get ready for all the festivities that are (very fast) approaching.
Have you put your Christmas tree up yet?

Sarah xXx



Monday, 30 November 2015

Our Christmas Bucket List.

A family Christmas Bucket list. @ Ups and downs, smiles and frowns

And my list of photos to take this December, can be found here!
What's on your Christmas bucket list? Let me know in the comments :)

Sarah xXx

Making Reindeer Gift Bags {Review}

Reindeer gift bag kits review @ ups and downs, smiles and frowns

In our box of goodies we were sent from YellowMoon were these festive Reindeer gift bag kits. Ellie & Charlie could not wait to make these! They had already decided that they're going to fill them with sweets and treats and gift to Nanna & Grandad for Christmas.

Reindeer gift bag kits review @ ups and downs, smiles and frowns

Reindeer gift bag kits review @ ups and downs, smiles and frowns

Each pack includes for kits. Enough supplies to make four reindeer gift bags. Including the foam shapes (some which are self adhesive), goggly eyes and the brown paper gift bags.
You will also need some PVA glue (for sticking the antlers and ears on).

Reindeer gift bag kits review @ ups and downs, smiles and frowns

First of all we peeled the back off of the (what will be) the reindeer's face, it's self adhesive and stuck perfectly onto the bag. Next up Ellie and Charlie stuck the reindeer's collars on and then we glued on the antlers and ears! "Ohhh it's already looking like a reindeer" Ellie told me proudly. And Charlie said "I really like this activity, it's really fun! I think Nanna and Grandad will really like these bags a lot! And we won't need to wrap the presents" Bless him.

Reindeer gift bag kits review @ ups and downs, smiles and frowns
Ellie was all "Yes! Pink ears are my favourite! And I love his big, red sparkly nose on! I'm calling my reindeer Rudolph!" And then she proceeded with singing 'Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer' whilst making her festive bag, haha.

Reindeer gift bag kits from yellowmoon UK

The kids really, really enjoyed this festive craft. They didn't need any help from me and it kept them busy for a good twenty five minutes or so. They really took there time placing all the shapes in the right places and making them look cute! The bag sizes are 11x12cm and they have a little handle on the top, making them easy to carry. The kids are very proud of these bags and excited to gift them at Christmas.
I can see this becoming a new tradition - Making Christmas bags to fill with gifts and treats for the Grandparents.

Reindeer gift bag kits review @ ups and downs, smiles and frowns

Don't they look adorable? (Minus the falling ear, haha and the PVA dried clear!)

Priced at just £3.75 for a pack of four, I honestly think that is money very well spent! You can also follow Yellowmoon on Pinterest for more festive fun ideas!

What festive activities have you been doing recently? Let me know in the comments, I'd love to hear about them! :)

Sarah xXx

I was sent this product for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own, honest, personal opinions. I was not paid for this post.

Family Fever

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Cats on Caturday!

I thought I would share some photos I've taken of my cats lately.
They are both female cats and neither of them I planned on getting, they found me and choose us. Isn't it strange how cats pick there owners?
Lotti (the tortoiseshell cat) came to me at 4 weeks old and was literally handed over my back fence from an old neighbour because they didn't want her. I couldn't just let them leave her outdoors, on her own. She was so tiny and very poorly. There's so much I could write. Me and Lotti are very, very close. She sleeps on my actual head every night, I am not even joking.
You can read Lotti's story here.

Sylvie. The tabby cat had an owner but she just kept coming to my house and would sit by my back door, tapping it with her poor for HOURS. I kept taking her back to her owner and trying to persaude her to go home but she was having none of it. She would wait outside int he freezing cold and snow, rain and wind for me to let her inside. I finally admitted defeat and her owner said we could keep her as long as she had a good home. So that is what we did and she has been here ever since. Goodness knows why she picked our crazy family to be her humans, haha. You can read Syvlie's story here.

Enjoy the pics!

Lotti and Sylvie don't always get a long but they've finally learned to tolerate each other. They were actually playing in the above photo! RARE!

Lotti looking at me with her big green eyes.

 Grumpy cat Sylvie likes to sit and watch the world go by!

 I love the way Sylvie prowls. So cute.

The first time Lotti saw a pheasant! Don't worry, she didn't harm it (I knew she wouldn't, the bird was double the size of her). She was fascinated with it. The pheasant turned around looked at her, made a noise and Lotti ran away, hahaha and the bird flew off! She loves living in the countryside.

Do you have any pets? Let me know in the comments :)

Sarah xXx

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