Furry friends kids watches {review}


Furry Friends sent us these funky children's Furry Time watches to review
I think it's important for children to have a good watch, it helps them to learn the time but not only that, it also helps with children learning the concept of time, too! 

Furry Friends Watch Review

Furry friends watches are perfect for little wrists. They're made from a flexible plastic and the watch is made from metal, making them very robust. The watches are designed in the U.K and assembled in China. The watches came packaged in a plastic box, which was easy to open. (Easy opening boxes and packaging is always a plus!)
There are six characters to choose from - Blinky, Chomp, Ditzy, Kooky, Spike and Zany
Please note that the watches are not toys, they do contain small parts and are not suitable for children under the age of three years

Furry Friends Watch Review

Ellie and Charlie were ever so excited to put there new watches on and try them! First of all we removed the plastic tag from the bezel (or 'winder' as Charlie likes to call it, haha). We gave the watch bezel (winder!) a little turn to wind the watch up. The clock started ticking, we set the time by gently pulling out the bezel and giving it a little turn until we had the correct time. It literally took about 20 seconds to set the time. Charlie had no problem setting his himself but Ellie (aged 9) had little bit of help from me "I love the bright colours and monster funny faces" Ellie said in a very excited voice
The watches are brightly coloured and the clock face contains a furry monster face which really appeals to my children
Furry Friends Watch Review

The strap on the watch contains 9 holes and a buckle. We adjusted the watch and put the buckle through the correct hole. Ellie immediately said how nice it felt on her wrist.Charlie is impressed with how comfortable the watch is to wear

Furry Friends Watch Review

We've tested the watches for a couple of week and they seem to keep the time very well. When winding the watches up, we just give them a gently push in the clockwise direction

Furry Friends Watch Review

Overall, the watches fit perfectly, they keep the time really well and they're comfortable to wear. They're great fun and the colours are lovely and bright, the numbers are easy to see and they're perfect for any child, especially those learning to tell the time. Priced at £12.99, I personally think they're well worth the money
I've been given a special money off code to share with my readers -- If you enter the code: MONSTER3 at the checkout the watch will cost just £8.99  
*This offer expires 15th January 2017*

mumx3x kids watch review

Would I recommend these watches? Yes, absolutely. You can follow Furry Friends on Facebook

Sarah xXx

We were sent these watches for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own, honest, personal opinion. I was not paid for this post.

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  1. These look great - and what a good idea to educate your kids in a fun way!

  2. These are cute and Ellie looks so much like you in that last photo x

  3. These watches look really good for the kids. And nice and colorful too

  4. I haven't heard of this brand before, they look funky for children though.


  5. These look like cute watches for little ones and great for encouraging children to learn how to tell the time.

  6. I definitely agree that it's so important for kids to have a good watch to help them tell the time x

  7. What a lovely gift for a little one especially a little boy! Aww

  8. These are a lovely gift idea, and I love the fact they are easy to wear, but also really tell the time too.

  9. These look so cute for kids! I love the designs! xo


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