Our June Bucket List.


Every month I like to set a family and a personal bucket list, I don't always share on my blog but I usually do have a set of goals. This month is no exception and I'd like to achieve a fair bit so this bucket list may overflow into July, which is fine by me. Here are our goals for this upcoming month (or two!)

What's on your bucket list or what are your goals for this month? Let me know in the comments.

Sarah xXx

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  1. I'm trying to hit 10k steps too, I have found that a quick 15 minute walk each lunchtime really gets the steps up.

  2. I always love to read your goals because they are so positive and family friendly.

  3. Lots of lovely ideas that we love to do as a family too. I love the simplicity of a movie night and how much my girls love them. And you can't beat a day at the beach! x #bucketlist

  4. Lots of great goals for the month ahead, I love the sound of ice creams along the river x

  5. Ice-creams along the river and picnics sound good. Just need that sunshine to show up again!

  6. Great idea!!! It would require me to be very organised however to get this habit going. I do love it though. A lot of these points would match mine!

  7. Getting more organised and decluttering is definitely one of my aims for this month! Hope you have a great June.

    Stevie x #MonthlyBucketList

  8. This may sound silly but what are rainbow bubbles? They sound great!
    I'd like to read just one book, I'm so out of practise 🙈
    It's great to have you back. Good luck with your list xx

  9. Looks like a really good bucket list, I always have lose weight on mine but it hardly ever happens x


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